Welcome to our office. We have had the opportunity to work in a practice that has been here since 1951. We have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from our predecessors. Newer is not always better… Knowledge is always better and knowledge is what we pursue.

Dr. Ney and Staff

Dr. Ney and Staff

We have tried to invest in knowledge during this time and not in fancy equipment that really looks “High Teck” , but in reality does not tell you any more then the older technology. There are of course, exceptions. Implant dentistry has been very successful and we offer a lot of choices in implant dentistry. We have been doing implants since 1993.

In real estate the three most important factors are location, location, location…In medicine and dentistry the three most important factors are History, History, History. My philosophy is let the patient talk long enough and they will tell you what is wrong…if we listen!

An example of this is the problem of headaches. The chewing muscles and the way that your teeth meet (bite) determine to a very large degree how the muscles in the back of the neck work. Consequently whenever we do even a simple filling we are thinking about how this filling relates to the chewing muscle and then to the muscles in the neck.

Yes, in order to understand something simple (placing a filling or a crown), you must know the larger picture and how this simple thing fits into the big picture.

We have been treating headache for 30 years and it is amazing how much we have learned about teeth, the bite, and gum disease from understanding headache. We can actually predict headache from dental x-rays taken to check for cavities and bone loss in and around teeth. For more understanding about the relationship of headaches, neck pain and teeth/bite please go to www.RichmondHeadacheClinic.com

We have also been treating patients for sleep apnea for 30 years.
Our first appliance for treating sleep apnea was made at St. Joseph Hospital in 1983. Since then we have made hundreds of various appliances — which replace a CPAP machine — to keep the airway open during sleep.

So, there we have it! It is the knowledge of how dental work and headache and sleep are integrated into each other that makes our office so successful in each of these areas. It is important that we know about this integration, but it is equally important that we listen to you the patient!

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Hope you enjoy your visit on our web site whether you have dental problem, headache or sleep disorders. If you have further questions, please feel free to email us at Neypatients @ gmail . com (remove the spaces)


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Dr. Jim Ney

Dr. Jim Ney